Information and Complaint Regarding Ethiopian Remedial Exam

Information and Complaint Regarding Ethiopian Remedial Exam

Candidates should take the exam carefully without any stress or anxiety” – Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education has sent a message to students taking the exit exam to take it calmly without any worries or concerns.

The Ministry has informed the test takers that the exit exam will take place today via email. In this message; He stated that he is working on various projects to ensure the quality of education and to produce graduates who have a high level of understanding in the field of study. He pointed out that one of them is giving an exit test. He stated that starting this year, students who are pursuing their studies in any field of education and from any of our country’s higher education institutions are working to take the exit exam online and the date of giving the exit exam is June 30th nationwide.

The Minister; pointed out that he has been making extensive preparations at every level for the exam to be given online and that he has also reviewed the preparations made by the exam institutes. Through his monitoring and evaluation, he confirmed that all higher education institutions are in a state of readiness to give the exam. In addition, the Ministry of Education Ethiopia; noted that he has been overseeing and monitoring the preparation of the exam and that he has worked to ensure that the questions are prepared and standardized by teachers in each field. This exit exam covers all undergraduate degrees. He said the fact that it was delivered digitally makes it unique.

Ministry of Education; He stated that he has completed the preparation for the exam and urged the students to do it carefully without any worries or concerns, realizing that the questions were prepared from the subjects they had studied during their stay.

Ministry of Education remedial exam information

– The examination of students who benefited from the special remedial program was completed today, June 30/2015.

– Private pupils who haven’t been examined yet will be freed in September 2016, according to the Ministry of Education.

– Private pupils who haven’t been examined yet will be freed in September 2016, according to the Ministry of Education.

– Those who are eligible to attend the Freshman program in 2016 will score 30 percent in the internal examination of institutions, 70 percent in the examination prepared by the center, and 50 percent or higher.

For the first time, the exit exam given to graduate students of public and private higher education institutions:

– The exit exam will be given from July 3 to July 8, 2015. ReResultsill be announced on July 10. (Exit examination of health students was held today)

– More than 169,000 students will take the higher education exit exam this year.

– Prepared exam types for 208 graduate programs.

– Students who score fifty (50) percent or more will pass.

– There is a possibility for students who did not pass the exam to retake it. The first round of the exam is conducted by the government in its way, but after that, just like the 12th-grade exam, in the exit exam, candidates can take the exam at the time they say they are ready/ready and come to pass the exam. There is a procedure to take their degree when they pass the exam.

– The exit test will be given entirely online.

– The list of candidates who have passed the exam has been sent and entered into the data center.

– Students will be given a unique ID number for the exam; Awareness work done to help them take the online test according to the numbers given to them; You are taking a mock test.

12th grade national exam given in universities for the 2nd time:

– The national exam will be given in universities from July 19 to 30, 2015.

– For the national exam, government universities will be ready for this work only from July 16.

– According to data released by the Education Assessment and Examinations Service, over 869,000 students have signed up online to take the 2015 national 12th-grade final test.

– 869 thousand 765 examinees registered online to take the exam.

– 503,812 social science and 365,954 natural science candidates registered for the exam.

– Preparatory work has been done for the recruitment of test administrators, supervisors, and test station officials.

Ethiopian Remedial Exam Complaint

The students and parents of the students whose exams were moved to September 2016 after attending the remedial program told Tikvah Ethiopia that they were very disappointed with the decision of the Ministry of Education.

The students and their parents protested that it is completely inappropriate for the minister to announce that the exam has been postponed to September after the students and their parents attended the school and took the exam on the first day. Students in various regional cities, including Addis Ababa, expressed their efforts to get together and ask the relevant authorities to reverse the decision. For example, 4 kilos in Addis Ababa; Students who have questions around the Ministry of Education gathered and tried to submit their questions. We understand that private examinees from Jimma and Hawassa are trying to get their questions together.

The remedial private exam students who complained about the decision; “We learned by making a lot of sacrifices. We have learned by living apart from our family and paying house rent while paying monthly school fees. The family also paid a high price to educate us. We endured all this for more than 4 months and now it is not right for us to say that only private school students will not take the exam. “This decision will cause us a lot of psychological pressure,” he said.

At the same time, the parents of the students stated that the decision will undo the hard work of their children. Realizing the psychological pressure on their studies, the Ministry of Education reversed the decision and demanded that their children take their exams at the same time and period as other students. If the exam is not possible now, the students and their parents requested that the preparation of the students for the exam should be done in a few days without losing much time.

Both the students and their parents explained that due to the malfunctioning and the problem, this decision has put pressure on the life, time and age of the students. Who is responsible for the pressure on students when such a decision is passed while the minister is to blame for this procedural defect? They asked. A member of the Tikvah family said, “Students’ morale should not be affected” in a certain decision; He said that a decision should have been passed after investigating where and by whom the alleged problem was caused.

“If there was such a threat from the beginning, it would have been possible for all students of private higher education institutions to enter and be tested at the government university. The minister should have had a Plan B to overcome this,” he said, opposing the decision. He said that the exam should be given as soon as possible.

Ministry of Education; It is known that the plan to give the exam at the same time in all the institutions that have benefited from the remedial program has been revised, especially the exam of the private higher education institutions with more than 150 and more than 200 campuses, and it has been decided that the exam will be given in the month of September 2016.

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