Debre Berhan University News 2023

Debre Berhan University News 2023

Federal senior leaders, zonal leaders, representatives of religious institutions, industrial owners and managers, board members of Debrebarhan University, leaders of government institutions at all levels, university teachers, staff, and students were present.

In his welcome and opening speech, the President of Debrebarhan University, Dr. Kunja Tadese, stated that there are initiatives in the university’s industry linkages and pointed out that the work done so far is not good. He said that technical and vocational training has been prepared to include colleges and research institutions as a link between research institutions and industry. The president added that the number of industries in the area is not the only goal, so every institution should open its doors to work together. He also said that Debre Berhan University will continue to work in the fields of engineering, health, business, economics, and agriculture by doing excellent work and preparing skilled manpower for the surrounding industries. He stated that one of the proposed projects is the plan prepared to make an integrated structural plan suitable for the rapid growth of Debre Berhan City. He said that it is being done to identify the types of investments that can be made.

In his keynote address, Mr. Gedu Andargachew said that universities should accelerate the development of society by applying their knowledge to the local community. He added that by doing new research, it is necessary to keep pace with the development of the city and support the development efforts in the area, and create ties with the local community. Honorable Ato Gedu Andargachew said that he should be thanked for his work. He said that the university will gain a lot of experience in the future through this effort, and he said that he does not doubt that it will become a big and model university in our country.

The Minister of State for Science and Higher Education, Professor Afework Kasu, in his article entitled “Linkage in Science and Higher Education Sector Policy and Strategy”, raised the key issues of the linkage policy and said that there is a risk in the linkage between industries and higher education institutions in the implementation process. Those who have

Debre Berhan University to speed up the development corridor of the North Showa area; To strengthen linkages with industries; Dr. Azmeraw Ayehu, President of Debre Berhan University’s Research Community Service, said that to solve society’s problems and identify areas of focus with partners, designing an implementation strategy based on the research carried out by researchers.

On the same day, “Experience Exchange of Institutional Connections” by Prof. Daniel Kataw, “Survey of Projects Working in Debreberhan University” by Dr. Azmeraw Ayehu, “Structural Plan of Debreberhan City” by Dr. Getamesai, “Model Village Project; Dr. Auraris Hailu, “Investment Potential of North Shwa Zone” by Dr. Falek Bayu, “Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development” by Dr. Zemenwerk Yohannes, “Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Skill Development” by Solomon Stephens in a series of research articles. They were presented and discussed, and according to the ideas and questions raised by the participants, Mr. Gedu Andargachew, the Prime Minister’s Special Advisor on Security, Mr. Melaku Alebel, Minister of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Dr. Kunja Tadese, the President of Debre Berhan University, gave explanations and concluding remarks. Finally, a certificate of recognition and appreciation was given to those who contributed significantly to the construction of the Menelik Institute of Technology.

Debre Berhan University Graduation News

The President of D/Barhan University, Negus Tadese (Dr.) expressed his happiness to the graduating students saying, “Congratulations that you have gone through many difficulties and reached the important day of your future life.”

The President, who stated that education is the single greatest tool to eradicate poverty, said that today you have accepted the responsibility of freeing Ethiopia from poverty and creating a prosperous country.

He said that by doing your part in all the efforts for the development of the country, prove the knowledge and skills you have acquired in practice. He said, to return the favor by serving the society that has taught you only by using your knowledge for good work and leading with strict morals.

Debre Berhan University Chairman of the Board Prof. Abraham Hailedew said that although our country Ethiopia is poor, it has been challenged by many internal and external problems, but it has continued to strengthen the many works it is doing in the education process. He said that our country’s investment in education is based on the realization that human resources rich in knowledge and skills are essential for national development. He said that as you are the result of this extensive investment, you should not only look for work from employers in the professional field you have been trained in but also be a creator of work and play your part in the overall change and development of your country.

The professor added that those who prove their work not by words but by deeds, and who serve their people and country with sincerity, honesty, and hard work should be solution-makers and not problem-makers throughout their working days.

He said that by starting preparations for the next chapter of your life, you should use the knowledge, skills, and wisdom you have acquired so far and be tested by your experiences, and prepare to serve your people. With a total score of 3.94, Galila Wagayehu, a student from the Law Department, was awarded a gold medal. Currently, the university is training more than 24,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs in first, second, and third-degree programs.

Debrebarhan University President NegusTadese (Dr.)

In his opening speech, the President of Debrebarhan University, Negus Tadse (Dr.) said that the 2014 Plan Evaluation Training Forum of Applied Universities is of great importance to strengthen the systematic ties and relationships between us, to gain experience and experience, and to solve the problems of our society and our country by using indigenous knowledge and modern innovation and technology.

As the share of industrial and manufacturing sectors in the economy is increasing, there is a need to have a manpower with medium and high skills. For this, he said, the share of applied universities in producing qualified and quality human resources by creating links with industries will be high.
The President added that it is the responsibility of all our higher institutions to strengthen our science, technology, innovation and human resource development activities so that our national development plans succeed.
Finally, he conveyed his message saying that he hopes that today’s 2014 one-year plan review discussion will be a place where we can work together with all applied universities and lay the foundation for our relationship and get better resources.

According to the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Samuel Kfle (Dr.), since 2012, the education and training sector has started to be reformed.
The Ministry of State added that universities and industries should have common interests and should be read by our universities by providing qualified human resources and technology to the industry to create a favorable opportunity for the industries to be internationally competitive.
Addis Ababa University Director and Researcher Professor Daniel Katau, in his key message, explained what the role of applied science universities should be and said that they should mainly focus on technology transfer and human resource development.
The professor added that in the current situation, the number of universities is not enough in terms of the current population and he said that our human resources development should be high in order to be competitive at the international level by focusing on quality.
It is also known that all 15 applied science universities will present their plans for 2014 during the two days.

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