Amhara Bank Vacancy 2023 Apply Online – EZEGA JOBS

Amhara Bank Vacancy 2023 Apply Online – EZEGA JOBS

Amhara Bank 

With a massive shareholder base consisting of over 141,000 subscribers and 4.8 billion in paid-up and subscribed capital, Amhara Bank is the most influential and powerful bank in Ethiopia.

After obtaining a business operation license from the National Bank of Ethiopia, Amhara Bank officially opened for business on June 18, 2023. This was a historic day because many amazing projects were launched at the same time, such as the opening of 72 full-fledged branches that were all connected by a state-of-the-art core banking system, Interest-Free Banking, and ATMs, to name a few.

With an agile management team and 12 well-respected academics and entrepreneurs on its board of directors, the Bank is supported by a solid leadership structure that ensures its continued growth.

Amhara Bank now offers top-notch banking services via its 281+ branches, a USSD-based mobile banking app, and an in-house, highly developed mobile banking application. Additionally, the bank has given nearly 5,000 bright and competent workers new employment prospects.

To realize its goal of “Being the leading and game-changing Bank in Africa,” Amhara Bank S.C., a relatively new business, has been operating with an aggressive momentum since entering the financial sector with more than 4,800 motivated employees and visionary leaders overseeing more than 285 branches. The Bank is inviting capable and qualified candidates to apply for the following open position.

Role: Manager, Planning


Requirements: Master’s, Master’s, or Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or any related field


Experience: 7/9/7/9 years of relevant experience, preferably in the banking sector, with 2/2 years spent in a senior officer role.


7 (seven) years of applicable banking experience, with a minimum of 2 (2) years spent in senior officer roles in banking operations.


The purpose of the job is to oversee the Bank’s performance monitoring and evaluation procedures while designing and implementing enhanced strategic and operational planning to track progress toward organizational objectives;


Typical Functions:


  • Create, evaluate, and execute the division’s plan, budget, and policies and procedures;


  • Represent the bank’s positive corporate image and culture to the general public;


  • Exhibit the Bank’s code of conduct, ensure that those in lower positions follow it, and handle any disciplinary issues;


  • Deliver services by the service level agreement, track and supervise subordinates to follow suit;


  • Assist in achieving the bank’s profitability goals;


  • Guide and assist subordinates in efficiently developing their careers;


  • Take care of additional generic tasks as needed.


Particular Roles:


  • Take an active role in organizing, developing, and reviewing the Bank’s strategic plan;


  • carry out environmental analyses, both internal and external, which are used to develop strategic plans;


  • Institutionalise service level agreements to foster cross-functional alignment and use a cascade-down strategy to create vertical organizational alignment at the level of employees and functional units;


  • Offer functional units expert assistance in creating annual or plan budgets that align with the strategic plan, monitor their progress towards on-time delivery, and compile the results for the corporate level;


  • Establish monitoring and reporting systems and inform all employees of the Bank’s annual and long-term operational plan, as approved by the Board of Directors;


  • Take care of any additional relevant tasks as needed


Workplace: Addis Ababa


Date of Post: 23/10/2023


Deadline: October 27, 2023


How Do You Apply?


Any interested employee who meets the aforementioned requirements is welcome to apply between October 23, 2023, and October 27, 2023, for five (5) days.

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