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Dredawa University has announced a huge modern library in the name of the honorable Dr. artist Ali Beer

Today, at the B-Capital Hotel in Dredawa city, Dr. Artis Ali Bira, passed away due to an illness on September 28, 2015, at a memorial program organized by Dr. guests the audience.

The President of Dredawa University, Dr. Ubah Adam, welcomed the audience to the program, honored Dr. Artist Ali Beera, who was a pioneer speaker for the development of Oromo culture, language, and music, and who preached love, peace, freedom, equality, and unity throughout his lifetime through his timeless works. They said he is an artist.

Dredawa University awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2011 considering the contribution of this great artist to the overall development of the country. Today, in the commemoration program, the massive and modern library, which is currently 90 percent complete and can accommodate 4 thousand people at a time, was named in the name of the artist. The management of the university announced the decision to name a free scholarship and an art department after him.

Honorable Mr. Ibrahim Yusuf, who is the Deputy Mayor of the Dredawa administration, said that the honorable Dr. Artist Ali Beera, who is a fighter for truth, rights, peace, and good deeds, apart from music, participated in the social sector by making many children in the rural kebeles of the administration have access to education.

At the same commemorative program, the president of the Ethiopian Musicians Association, the famous musician David Yifru Ali Beera, contributed to the copyright of his music, especially in 1997, when many artists of our country came out and raised their voices.

The famous musician and Deputy Head of the Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau, Sertsefre Sabhat, attended the same program and said that Dredawa University should be commended for the recognition and honor given to the artist who is indebted to the country.

The School of Textile, Apparel, and Fashion Design held its second national conference

Mr. Amare Warku, the Dean of the School of Textile, Apparel, and Fashion Design attended the same conference and gave a welcome speech. In his speech, the main purpose of this national workshop is to strengthen the ties between institutions, to work together, and to develop a culture of cooperation, as well as open a way to work together through joint research. They said that it is.

Ato Amare Warku, after exhorting the participants to actively participate, closed his speech by inviting the managing director of the institute, Ato Getu Girma, to give an opening speech.

In his opening speech, Mr. Getu Girma said that the School of Textile, Apparel, and Fashion Design is one of the schools under the Institute, and since 2005, it has been teaching first degree by opening Textile Engineering and Apparel and Fashion Design classes since 2011. Dredawa University Institute of Technology is also paying special attention to this school and providing laboratory resources, he said. Mr. Getu Girma also pointed out that as a country, the textile sector is one of the industries that the government is giving priority attention to, and Dredawa is an industrial city. He concluded his speech by stating that the first annual national conference held today is important to actively work on transition and increase this work to a better level.
The first key message that was present at the conference program was the former Director of EiTEX, (B/H/U) and Dr. Abera, who is known as a veteran who is known for his various work participation. Thank you very much to the school.

In his key message, Dr. Abera explained the level of production capacity in the sector, the problems they are facing, and what needs to be done to make it effective in the future. In addition, Prof. Dr. Abera explored the textile sectors in different countries of the world. By mentioning that the first modern textile factory was opened in Dredawa, the key message of the day was “Ethiopia Tamrt” and a broad explanation to the audience of the conference about how Tamrt, for whom Tamrt and the competition in terms of production using our resources. They have given.

At the conference, five research works were presented and various questions and comments were raised from the audience, and the presenters of the research papers gave extensive responses and explanations. After this, a discussion about the textile sector as a whole was held and a conclusion was given.

Finally, a fashion show was held by the designers of the graduate students of the Department of Apparel and Fashion Design, models from different departments of the university, and the teachers of the department. Dredawa City Administration Culture and Tourism Office and King sponsored non-alcoholic drinks for the fashion show.

After the program, the managing director of the Dr. Dawa University Institute of Technology thanked the organizers and participants and expressed that they are committed to meeting the needs of the school and are very happy with the event.

Mr. Amare Warku, the Dean of the School of Textile, Apparel, and Fashion Design, who gave the closing speech of the conference, in his speech, expressed his gratitude to all the committee members who worked hard to make the event beautiful and successful. Finally, they ended the conference by thanking the Dredawa City Government Culture and Tourism Bureau and the King for their sponsors for the fashion show, who participated in the event, those who participated from various industries, teachers, and students in their schools, and the King.

Dredawa University conducted the second round of the 2015 evaluation of completed research works

Dr. Solomon Zerihun, President of the University’s Research and Community Services, gave a welcome speech at the opening of the evaluation forum.

According to Dr. Solomon, the research affairs directorate of the university is updating its operating system from time to time and has made research software completely paperless, so researchers and evaluators can carry out any research process from their office without coming to the research affairs office. It has reduced the wastage of paper, printer, and duplicator ink and manpower. For us to achieve the vision of the university, he called on the teachers and researchers of the university to play their part by doing timely work, especially in the field of study and research. Furthermore, researchers and evaluators are reminded to use the developed software well. Finally, they called to publish the completed research in the university journal.

Dr. Megersa Qasim, Academic Vice President of Dredawa University, who gave the opening speech at the same evaluation forum, said that our teachers are proud of the results we are seeing today because the obstacles that were bothering us in the past have been solved in the works being done in research and community service. He pointed out that researchers are expected to reach the corners of their efforts so that research works can go down to the ground and solve the problems of academics and society.

During this two-day research evaluation forum organized by the university’s research affairs directorate, Prof. Yetagesu Santayehu said that more than 42 completed research works were presented and the necessary evaluations and discussions were held.

Finally, Prof. Yi Tagesu said that in the future, by strengthening our paperless work that has started now, by reducing unnecessary harassment and costs, the directorate will facilitate the way that problem-solving research results can reach the academics and the local community, by continuing the excitement around research among the university teachers.

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